Police: Joseph Jakubowski had multiple weapons at time of arrest

Officials detail Jakubowski's cache of firearms
Posted at 2:56 PM, Apr 14, 2017

Authorities say Joseph Jakubowski was well-armed when he was taken into custody on Friday morning in southwest Wisconsin.

Investigators spoke about the case at a Friday afternoon news conference in Janesville.

According to an FBI official, Jakubowski had four handguns, one long gun, multiple boxes of ammunition, a samurai-type sword, a ballistic vest, helmet, containers of flammable liquids and a copy of his manifesto when he was arrested without incident in Vernon County.

Officials say Jakubowski will face at least three felonies related to the burglary of a Janesville gun store earlier this month, with additional charges likely.

Police received the tip that a man matching Jakubowski's description was camped out on a piece of property Thursday night.

Tactical teams set up a perimeter around Jakubowski and moved in around 6 a.m.

Police were prepared for any scenario, not knowing how Jabukowski would react.

"The concern that we had was what was his end game? How did he envision this ending for himself and for our community? We're fortunate enough that he wasn't able to complete it and we were able to get him into custody," Janesville Police Chief David Moore said.

Jeff Gorn, the farmer who found Jakubowski on his property Thursday night, did not recognize him as the fugitive law enforcement was looking for, but called police after speaking with him for an hour and noticing suspicious signs.

Officials said Friday it's yet to be determined whether Gorn will gets the $20,000 reward offered in the case.