Jakubowski writes letters to judges on past charges pleading for second chance

He asked for help and treament
Posted at 12:11 PM, Apr 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-13 15:12:12-04
JANESVILLE, Wis. (WISC-TV) - The Janesville man wanted in connection with a gun store burglary and making threats against the government wrote letters to two Rock County judges about past criminal charges, pleading for a second chance.
In May 2008, Joseph Jakubowski was facing charges of battery related to a domestic abuse case, as well as disarming an officer. He pleaded no contest to those charges, but not before writing a Rock County judge letters pleading for a second chance.
In the letter to Judge Michael Bryon, Jakubowski calls the charges a “major slip" in his life, mentioning his troubles with alcohol and painful memories of his family.
He tells the judge that he wants a chance to prove to the court and society that he could be a “peaceful and trouble-free citizen.” He said to the judge, "If in your mercy you could please give me my freedom with a rope to hang myself, and I will prove to you and the DA, I will use that same rope to save myself.”
He said all he was asking for was help and treatment so this “never happens again.”
He wrote another letter in 2011 asking Rock County Judge Michael Fitzpatrick to amend his domestic violence intervention program order, saying he could not complete it with his work schedule as a construction worker.
He claimed he had not been in any trouble and had turned his life around. That request was denied.
Court records show Jakubowski has faced more than 55 charges since he wrote the letter in 2011, most of them traffic-related.
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