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This song about Milwaukee Bucks folk hero Bobby Portis will get you hyped for the NBA Finals

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Posted at 10:34 AM, Jul 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-09 00:20:20-04

Milwaukee Bucks fans have fallen in love with Bobby Portis throughout the NBA playoffs, and now there's finally a song that pays tribute to our city's new folk hero.

It's the song getting fans hyped for the NBA finals and it was written in less than a day. Now the songwriters behind the hit remix are sharing their process of how they created their ode to Milwaukee Bucks star, Bobby Portis.

"He's the underdog, he's the blue-collar baller," said producer and rapper of the musical group Jeez Louise, Sage Hill.

The Jeeze Louise Green Bay natives have been Milwaukee Bucks Fans for as long as they can remember. So it was a no-brainer that when the team won the Eastern Conference Finals last week, they wanted to pay tribute to one of their favorite players, Bobby "Buckets" Portis.

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"We almost went out instead of making this song, because we were leaving the next morning and we only had a few hours, and we said 'yeah let's put this song together,'" said singer and songwriter Hunter Vann.

And thus, the Bobby Portis (Remix) was born. The music group, known as Jeez Louise, made the song in just six hours as a loving tribute to the man who brings an explosion of energy whenever he's on the court.

"It was actually pretty easy for the most part, getting the lyrics out. We wanted to create that pregame atmosphere and get people excited, and music has that power," said Vann.

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With lyrics including "Gassed up like a BP, I'm Bobby Portis," the song has become a hit with Milwaukee Bucks fans and even Portis himself, who shared the remix on his Instagram.


"I was screaming my lungs out, a Bobby Portis shared it on Instagram. He likes it, the city likes it, and we're going to go do this thing, we're gonna bring a championship back to Milwaukee," said Hill.

And they hope to share the hype song on an even bigger platform during the finals.

bobby portis

"It would be really cool if we could perform at the Deer District, perform at halftime, or something like that. We could really get the city going," said Hill.

Give it a listen below. Heads up, there are some 18+ lyrics, if you're worried about that:

This isn't the first Wisconsin sports star that Jeez Louise has written about. In fact, the Bobby Portis song is a remix of the original "Bobby" track - Robert Tonyan, a tight end for the Green Bay Packers. You can listen to that one here.

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