The Rebound: Neurologist shares ways to fend off migraine attacks

Posted at 7:03 AM, Feb 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-05 08:03:25-05

MILWAUKEE — If you are waking up with a headache triggered by all of this stress, you are not alone.

Greenfield Neurologist Doctor Traci Purath hopes you take them seriously.

Dr. Purath’s patient Dawn McCarthy recalls a migraine that lingered on, “I suffered with a migraine for almost three months. It felt like it was continuous for three months, and then I was like 'Why?!'”

Figuring out what triggers your migraines, can be the best medicine. For 54-year-old Dawn, it is the weather, “So if there’s a storm coming, eight times out of ten - I’m going to get a migraine.”

The pandemic has not helped. Doctor Purath notes that stress can be a big trigger as well.

“Sleep, hydration, and ice packs are the things I really try to stay on top of,” Dawn says. The Oak Creek mom credits a medication Doctor Purath prescribed for her to fend off the next migraine attack called Nurtec ODT.

“Without Dr. Traci and the Nurtec together, I would not be able to maintain the migraine,” said Dawn.

Dr. Purath also pushes sleep, hydration, and lowering your stress load can stave off a migraine attack.

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