Major construction near the Marquette Interchange will close on-ramps for months

Ramps will be closed until mid-summer
Posted at 9:56 AM, Feb 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-28 10:56:36-05

MILWAUKEE -- Walker’s Point residents will need to plan for major changes because of major closures starting Wednesday night.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation says starting Wednesday night several closures will impact southbound drivers. The ramps I-94 East to I-43 South and I-794 West to I-43 South will be closed.

Additionally, the on-ramp on Wisconsin Avenue to I-43 Southbound will close as well. Friday evening the on-ramps at National Avenue to I-43/94 North will shut down until mid-summer.  

These closures have Food Truck Taco Alegre owners, Hernandez and Rena, and their patrons worried. 

"It's because this street, this is the main [street], and I know I'm going to lose business right now," says Hernandez.  

Wendy Pulido's family is a fan of Taco Alegre. She agrees with Hernandez about this construction causing problems. 

"I feel like the construction and whatever is going to happen is going to affect not only them but the community around here," says Pulido. 

Guadalajara Restaurant sits just opposite a National Avenue on-ramp and owner Felipa Lozada says he saw the signs for the project and future headaches for the community.  Marco Camacho agrees.

Camacho says his parents live on the south side and with his job in transportation, he's constantly traveling on I-43/94, so this project is going to make his job harder. 

"There's more of a traffic jam, more cars around here, more accidents," says Camacho. 

DOT says early Friday morning one southbound lane through the Marquette Interchange on I-43 will close. Later that night, the I-43 North to I-794 East ramp will close as well. The last major closure will be a northbound lane through the Marquette Interchange on I-43/94 that won't reopen until late August.

Drivers are encouraged to use Miller Parkway, National Avenue, and 6th Street as alternate routes.