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Hundreds of local students planning school walkout on March 14

Walkouts in response to FL school shooting
Posted at 6:26 PM, Feb 27, 2018

Students across Southeast Wisconsin are planning to walk out of class on March 14,  in a protest over gun violence following the shooting in Parkland, Florida that killed 17 people.

More than a dozen schools in the area have students planning to participate. Katie Eder and Brendan Fardella are both seniors at Shorewood High School and are helping to organize their walkout.

"Enough is enough," said Eder. "It's been 19 years since Columbine and nothing has been done and that's a problem."

They say about 600 students from the high school and intermediate school will meet on the front lawn of Shorewood High for 17 minutes right at 10 a.m. One minute for each person killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

"No matter what race, no matter what political party you align with, it doesn't matter what student you are, we are all unsafe in schools and we want to change that," said Fardella.

They both said they're hoping government leaders will take action on the sale of semi-automatic weapons, and make it more difficult for someone to buy one.

According to the Women's March Network who is encouraging these walkouts, schools in at least 13 Southeast Wisconsin communities are planning to participate.

"A lot of kids are talking about it," said Maysa Saadeddin, a sophomore at Ronald Reagan High School in MPS, who says they are also organizing to walk out on March 14.

"I want to be sure, not just myself, but everybody can have a safe environment," she said. "Especially my younger siblings."

Darienne Driver, the superintendent of MPS says she stands with students who plan to walk out. She wrote in a statement saying in part:

"Our students have the constitutional right to free speech and peaceful assembly. We support student-led civic engagement efforts and actions, as long as they are done in a safe and respectful manner."

Bryan Davis, the superintendent at the Shorewood School District said students won't face any punishment for participating in the walkout and the district is still working out a plan to make sure students are safe and accounted for.