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DPW crews on 'pothole patrol' city wide

Posted at 6:44 PM, Feb 27, 2018

If you see potholes and would like to report them to the city click here.

It's pothole season in Milwaukee as a warm up from freezing weather brings out the worst in roads.

Potholes are often referred to as a driver's "natural born enemy," popping up overnight and wreaking havoc on vehicles. Milwaukee Department of Public Works crews fill potholes every work day of the year, but as we come out of freezing temperatures they've put more resources toward the problem.

"From what we've seen there's numerous potholes and we're trying to get to them as quick as we can," said DPW employee John Bassett.

Bassett said he normally works on concrete, but on Tuesday he was pulled to asphalt duty.

"We've got a whole list, it's never-ending," he said.

DPW crews were out city-wide during the warm-up on Tuesday. Basset said he helped fill more than 200 potholes by noon. This time of year, DPW workers use what's called a cold asphalt mix to temporarily patch up the roads to minimize vehicle damage.

"Try to spread it out, get it in there. It's cold patch so it kind of moves like molasses in January," Bassett said.

Once spring arrives, crews switch to a hot mix which would be ineffective and unusable during these temperatures.

"It's not like the hot mix, the hot mix flows right in," he said.

As workers line roadways like at MLK and Burleigh, Bassett says, unfortunately, some drivers have led to close calls.

"They come right up on you and shift over at the last minute," he said.

Bassett urges drivers to slow down when they come up on blocked lanes so everyone can make it home safely.

"Look ahead, stay off the phone please," Bassett said.

If you see potholes and would like to report them to the city click here.