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Social media accounts of suspected Brooklyn subway shooter paint disturbing picture

Frank James
Posted at 5:52 PM, Apr 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-13 19:33:45-04

The man with Wisconsin ties, accused of shooting at least 10 people in a Brooklyn Subway has extensive social media presence with dozens of hate-laden videos.

Frank James, 62, was arrested Wednesday in connection to the Brooklyn Subway shootings. He has Wisconsin ties; his Facebook account shows he was in Milwaukee since at least 2019. However, it was his activity on YouTube that raises the most questions.

James posted videos over multiple YouTube accounts, he says, over the last 10 years. He says in several videos that his accounts are often deleted by YouTube because of the content. As of Wednesday morning, his most recent account, prophet oftruth88, was deleted. However, before it was deleted, the I-Team looked through several videos that detail his animosity towards society.

The manifesto style videos, often about a half hour in length, quickly devolve into disjointed, hate-filled streams of consciousness where he spews vitriolic statements about commingling of races, misogynistic and bigoted remarks and aggressive comments about African Americans.


We also learned from James, he’s worked at InstaCart and Hertz in the past and has been on disability since 2007. According to James, he collects about $2,300 per month. As of March 20, James detailed his trip from Milwaukee to Philadelphia, saying his ultimate destination was New York City.

“I’m heading back into the danger zone, so to speak,” James said. “It’s triggering a lot of negative thoughts of course. I have a severe case of post traumatic stress because of the [expletive] I’ve been through over the years.”

In one older video, he speaks about the New York Police Department’s ability to patrol the subway system.

“Those who are going to commit crimes, like shooting,” James said. “A [expletive] got shot in the chest in Brooklyn. An old lady got hit in the head with a hammer. You can’t stop that. You need police at every station and that’s not possible.”

James is accused of shooting at least 10 people on a Brooklyn Subway April 12.

He expresses homicidal feelings in other videos as well, blaming African American women and men for procreating into untenable situations.

“I’ve seen a side of human beings, they need to die,” James said. “They need to suffer and drop [expletive] dead. If they were good decent people, we wouldn’t be going through this. Call it Karma. It’s about to happen in a way I wouldn’t wish on the worst, what’s about to really happen.”

James also draws parallel between his own thoughts and Nazi ideations.

“I can’t imagine, in my wildest dreams, my most hate filled moment, what’s really going to happen to y’all [expletives]. You deserve every bit of it. You may say, why do I deserve that? You do. You do. You shouldn’t exist. There should be no such thing as a Puerto Rican. There should be nothing like African American. There should be no such thing. You exist because of crimes against nature and humanity.”

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