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Brooklyn subway shooting suspect bought fireworks in Racine County in June

Phantom Fireworks
Posted at 9:27 AM, Apr 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-13 18:35:24-04

RACINE — Phantom Fireworks said a man named Frank James bought fireworks in Caledonia back in June of 2021. A man with the same name is the suspect in the Brooklyn subway shooting.

The company said four of the items James purchased are believed to be the same items that were shown in a photograph published by NBC. NBC's photo shows a bag that was identified as having been left behind by the Brooklyn subway shooter.

Phantom Fireworks said because they have no video of the purchase, they can't confirm that this James Frank is the same as the one possibly involved in the Brooklyn shooting.

At the scene of the shooting, law enforcement officials found a credit card with James' name on it. Police say they also recovered from the subway station a gun with a magazine attached, two other magazines, ammunition, a hatchet and a container of what is believed to be gasoline.


Since police named James as a person of interest, and then named him as a suspect, several connections to Wisconsin have been made.

James'last known address was in Milwaukee, and several neighbors recognized his photo.

James' social media accounts tie him to Wisconsin as far back as 2019. His YouTube accounts detail half-hour-long rants about his disdain with society. In one video, titled "Step One Complete," he explains a road trip he's taking from Milwaukee, starting on March 20.

In the video, he says he will be stopping in Ft. Wayne, Ind., Pittsburgh and Philadelphia before continuing his trip to New York City.

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