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More than $117K raised for families of three drowning victims

drowning victims
Posted at 8:36 AM, Jun 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-18 09:36:44-04

MILWAUKEE — The Islamic Society of Milwaukee started aGoFundMe this week after two men and a 10-year-old boy fell into a drainage ditch and died.

As of Saturday morning, that fundraiser has raised more than $117K, which will be distributed equally between the two families of the victims, according to GoFundMe.

The GoFundMe page says, "the funds will be held by the Islamic Society of Milwaukee and 100% of the funds will be distributed equally between both families to cover their losses and expenses. Both of the deceased husbands, Rashidullah and Zakaria, were the primary financial supporters of their families."

The three victims were laid to rest on Friday, where several blocks surrounding the Islamic Society of Milwaukee were packed with people who were paying their respects. The funeral came just one day after the two men were found, and a few days after the boy was found.

Previous coverage:

10-year-old Muhammad A. Rashidullah was the first to fall into the water after he chased his soccer ball into the drainage ditch. His father, Rashidullah Bin Abdul Hashim, saw Muhammad struggling to get out of the water and ran to the ravine, got in, and gave his son a bear hug.

That's when the boy's neighbor, Zakaria Bin Gonumeah, saw the two struggling to get out and attempted to make a human chain to bring them back to shore. He was then swept into the current as well.

The boy was found a day later, about two miles from where the three fell in. The two men were found two days after Muhammed, about four miles from where they entered the water.

"We want to thank all those from the Milwaukee fire department, police department and all others who were involved in the attempted rescue and recovery efforts. God bless all of you for your dedication and service," the Islamic Society of Milwaukee said on its GoFundMe page. "We thank everyone for their support."

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