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Family heartbroken, angry after 19-year-old innocent victim dies in crash

Posted at 5:14 PM, Aug 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-01 23:25:35-04

MILWAUKEE — Heartbreak and anger, those are the words a family is using to describe losing a loved one to reckless driving.

Lequon McCoy's family has identified the 19-year-oldas the innocent victim whose life was taken by a driver fleeing police Thursday morning at 12th and Locust.

Latredriana McCoy returned to the scene Thursday afternoon where her younger brother Lequon took his last breath only hours before.

"For somebody to come and knock on my door at 6 o’clock in the morning and tell me that (he's) dead, it don’t seem real," she said. "It was nothing but laughs when he was around. He was funny, he was kind, he was caring."

Convenience store surveillance video shortly after 1 a.m. shows an SUV zipping south on 12th Street with patrol cars not far behind. Seconds later at 12th and Locust, the stolen SUV T-boned another SUV with McCoy at the wheel. McCoy, an innocent victim, was pronounced dead at the scene. The suspect was rushed to the hospital seriously hurt.

"All of a sudden we heard 'boom' and it sounded like a bomb went off, so we came outside and all of a sudden there was like 15 cop cars here," said an anonymous witness.

Milwaukee Police said the chase started at 64th and Congress, more than 4 miles from the crash site, after the suspect was spotted driving recklessly. Officers who were chasing the suspect said he blew several stoplights and stop signs and almost struck another vehicle on West Capitol.

Back at the crash scene, the victim's sister is furious about reckless drivers and the Milwaukee Police Department's pursuit policy.

"It was nothing but laughs when he was around. He was funny, he was kind, he was caring." — Latred Riana McCoy, sister of victim Lequon McCoy

"That’s not cool that my brother’s life is gone because you wanted to be in a stolen vehicle and it’s not right for the police for him to already damn near cause one accident and now look, he done took a life," said Latred Riana McCoy.

Milwaukee Police have yet to release the suspect's name.

McCoy’s family plans to hold a candlelight vigil at 8 p.m. Thursday to remember his life.