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Wisconsin, Arizona senior living communities make beer wager for NBA finals

Posted at 5:09 PM, Jul 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-14 23:34:03-04

If the Phoenix Suns end their dry spell and win the NBA finals, senior citizens living in Friendship Village Tempe will have free beer for their celebratory toast.

Many of the 800 residents of this senior living community like to hang out in their on-site sports bar, Del Fuego, to watch the Suns smoke their opponents.

When they heard the residents of Eastcastle Place in Milwaukee were just as passionate about the Bucks, they made a wager, they tell our sister station ABC 15.

The victors will receive cases of craft beer.

"I have Bucks in six, so we'll win it back home," said Eastcastle Place Executive Director Tyler Gudex. "That's what I'm sticking to. Go Bucks!"

"I want to win in four and take their beer right away," said Friendship Village resident Diane Whalen.


If the Bucks win the series, the residents at Eastcastle Place will drink Four Peaks' Kilt Lifter.

If the Suns win, it will be Wisconsin's Spotted Cow beer for the Friendship Village fans.

The senior living community bet also involves a donation to charity, and the executive director of the facility that loses will have to wear the victor's jersey.

Eastcastle issued a statement to TMJ4 News, writing that they are expecting that shipment of Arizona beer with a Bucks victory.

They’re excited, confident, and looking forward to enjoying a few Arizonan craft beers. Always up for a challenge, the Eastcastle Place senior living community residents and staff have agreed to a wager with an Arizona-based retirement community, Friendship Village of Tempe. Ardent fans of the Milwaukee Bucks, the Eastcastle Place residents accepted a bet from their Tempe counterparts who are equally devoted fans of the Phoenix Suns. The wager is that their respective home team will be triumphant in their quest to win the NBA championship. “It’s been 47 years since the Bucks have made it to the finals,” said Tyler Gudex, executive director of Eastcastle Place. “This is going to be the year…we can just feel it.”

For the next week, residents and staff of Eastcastle Place will be cheering on their hometown favorites at several viewing events and celebrations. It will all culminate, per their prediction, with a shipment of craft beer from Four Peaks Brewing Company in Tempe.

In addition to the promise of regional craft beer, the executive director of the ‘losing’ hometown community has agreed to wear the winning team’s jersey. In addition, the retirement community will make a donation to the winner’s local Boys and Girls Club.

“This is all in good fun. We are very excited to be cheering on the imminent NBA Champion Bucks and our residents are looking forward Four Peaks Beer,” said Gudex.

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