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'So much admiration for the guys': Junior Bridgeman reflects on time with the Milwaukee Bucks

Posted at 4:31 PM, Jul 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-15 22:02:01-04

The Milwaukee Bucks of the 80s were consistently good. But it always seemed like Boston or Philly stood in their way, in the East.

One of the members of those teams, Junior Bridgeman, says he still feels a kinship with this team.

"No matter what era, what time." Junior Bridgeman says. "You know, we all wore the same jersey at some point in time. So, you feel a relationship there and you know, so much admiration for the guys that are able to get to the Finals. You know, that was our dream of ours and unfortunately, we ran into a couple of guys in Boston and Philly at the time, but they've been able to do it and just wishing them all the luck in the world."


"I caught up with Sir Sid the other day, I asked him this question. Would you trade all the great memories, all the great times you had for one game in the NBA Finals?" asked Lance Allan.

"Absolutely," Bridgeman says. "Yeah, because that's what you strive for. That's the epitome and we would definitely do that."

Dennis Johnson, Junior Bridgeman
Seattle's Dennis Johnson (24) looks a bit surprised as he pulls down a rebound during NBA playoff action against Milwaukee at Milwaukee, April 11, 1980. Watching the play is the Bucks' Junior Bridgeman (2). (AP Photo/Steve Pyle)

Bridgeman is a long-time businessman and investor in the city. He loves what he sees.

"This is just unbelievable," Bridgeman says. "I would have never imagined that Deer [District] or anything like that. And the fans outside. I mean it's great and just happy that the organization has taken it to this level and it's fun to see. And happy to say a real, real small part of it all."

Bridgeman parlayed his success on the court into becoming a very successful businessman off the court.

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