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Concordia Falcons give insight on Ryan Braun's transition to first base

Posted at 1:43 PM, Apr 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-02 15:48:44-04

MEQUON -- With a surplus of talent in the outfield, the Milwaukee Brewers were forced to make a decision. 

Either find a new home for Ryan Braun in the league or find a new place for him on the field. We all know by now that the latter happened -- as Braun makes the transition from the outfield to first base

It’s a risky move to keep his bat in the lineup, that so far, has paid off. But that doesn't mean it’s been easy.


To help us all better understand this move, I enlisted some local help from the Concordia Falcons. 

First base - it’s not the most glamorous position.  

“We have the least priority over fly balls and ground balls, but we are taught to be aggressive,” said Eric Paz, a first baseman that transitioned from a catcher.   

As it would seem, no one truly chooses to be there. 

“I came up into Concordia as a catcher, and then I transitioned to third, and then Coach Morgan made the move for me to go over to first,” said Paz. 

“I was primarily a second baseman and third baseman growing up,"  said Drew Johnson, first baseman since high school. "But I made the switch during one high school season. The coach wanted me to play over there so I made the transition.”

Then there is Peter Scott, who knows exactly what Braun is going through. 

“Yeah, I’ve been an outfielder my entire college career and I’m just making the switch now. I mean I was excited, finding any way I can to get on the field and it’s a good opportunity to get better at another position,” said Peter Scott, a junior outfielder in transition to first. 

Sure college isn’t the pro’s but if it’s tricky at this level, imagine doing it on baseball’s biggest stage. 

“It’s definitely interesting to watch, but I think at that level he has the skill set to play baseball. Once you get in the game instincts take over,” said Peter. 

With the exception of Eric who happens to be a Cubs fan; most of these guys are rooting for Braun to succeed. 

“He’s a staple in the Brewer's lineup, so it’s nice to see him staying here and finding new spots to make the team better,” said Drew.