Women's Entrepreneurship Week Milwaukee ensures diversity & inclusion are front and center in everyone's minds

Posted at 5:16 AM, Nov 20, 2020

MILWAUKEE — A free virtual workshop this week is focused on empowering businesswomen

It is called Women’s Entrepreneurship Week Milwaukee. A co-founder shares how they are further moving the needle for businesses to take action on diversity and inclusion in workplace culture.

In this fourth year of Women’s Entrepreneurship week Milwaukee, the co-founder Jenny Weeden says in order to keep your best workers from leaving, it starts with a shift of workplace culture.

“Within the first six months, it will make or break whether an employee wants to stay or leave," Weeden says.

To make sure an employee stays, and for your business to thrive, inclusivity is key.

Weeden pointed out one seminar in this week-long event which delved into how diversity and inclusion start with the hiring process.

Kimberly Scott-Dorsey of KSD Consultant Firm, LLC. could not agree more.

With 34 years of entrepreneurship experience in Milwaukee, she brings powerful knowledge as a panelist to this event.

“I even hired those who were in school working on getting a GED. So to me, I feel like I gave people an opportunity for people to find themselves and grow. I wish that in Wisconsin and Milwaukee our employers will see that as a need.”

The seminar also highlighted having empathy for employees during this pandemic. Kimberly is most focused on talking to entrepreneurs about how to weather this storm, urging, “If more employers adapt that practice now to help their employees we can come out strong.”

Women’s Entrepreneurship Week Milwaukee has two more workshops Friday, Nov. 20:

  • 8 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.
  • Click here for the link to sign up for the FREE event.

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