The Rebound: 'Marquette Moms' resource group helping staff manage the pressure

Creating a resource group like this in your workplace may be a great idea
Marquette moms
Posted at 5:21 AM, Mar 24, 2021
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MILWAUKEE — To The Rebound Milwaukee and Managing the Pressure.

Last summer, we showed you a unique way faculty and staff at Marquette University kept up social support for their female staff.

The group for working mothers at the university is called Marquette Moms.

Professor and mom of twins Marie Bement understands the pressure, “I was learning how to teach online I never taught online before so there was a lot of new technology. On top of that, my boys, my twin boys, were trying to figure out new technology.”

She did not feel alone during this pandemic thanks to Marquette Moms, adding, “Someone emailing me and sharing their struggles and talking about what were all going through that was most impactful for me.”

Meanwhile in administration, mother of five Brigid Kinsella-Alba did not expect how much it would help her several years ago, “I had a miscarriage, and a mom next to me said she went through the exact same thing around a couple weeks when I did and to have each other through all of that was unbelievable.”

The group started with 10 employees. Now there are about 150.

They communicate through an email chain and ‘Google Teams.’

Brigid says, “You have this whole group where if you have a question you can put it there.”

The moms have plans to meet up virtually in may for a yoga session and to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Creating a resource group like this or seeking therapy may be a good way for you to manage the pressure of the pandemic.

According to a 2020 Women in the Workplace Study, 400,000 more women than men have left the workplace since the pandemic.

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