Local day care pivots to helping with virtual learning to stay afloat

Posted at 5:32 AM, Oct 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-06 06:09:27-04

MILWAUKEE — A local daycare wants you to know they're open.

New Horizon Daycare Center at 4200 N. Holton in Milwaukee operated this summer at about 40-percent capacity.

The National Assoc. for the Education of Young Children says with no further aid by our government, roughly half of all childcare centers across the country may close by the end of this fall.

Olivia El-Amin says her business New Horizon Daycare Center near Holton and Capitol usually serves about 89 children during the summer. Fears of COVID-19 has left them caring for about 35 children each day, “We did have to reduce staff because there were fewer kids coming. Our staff was about 12 to 13. During the pandemic was about 3 to 4.”

Experts point out that a loss of childcare could affect low-income workers and women the hardest.

That is why her daycare has remained open during this entire pandemic.

Along with sanitation efforts, the daycare has been pivoting by helping school-aged children with virtual learning.

She hopes more parents take advantage by learning they are open, “These are young women, single, young women, many times with children... they need a safe place a comfortable place to take their children to.”

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