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Waukesha County residents begin cleanup following overnight tornadoes

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Posted at 6:27 PM, Jul 29, 2021

WAUKESHA COUNTY — The National Weather Service says at least four tornadoes touched down overnight.

In Waukesha County, along Town Line Road, crews have come out to work on downed power lines, but the cleanup will take a while.

The National Weather Service determined an EF-0 tornado touched down around 1:30 a.m. overnight.

Across the county, residents worked to clear their properties of trees and large limbs.

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“We had three or four of them across the driveway this morning and our granddaughter couldn’t get out to go to work,” said longtime resident Dale Graves.

Graves has lived along Town Line Road for 47 years. He said he’s never seen anything like it as he drove TMJ4's Tony Atkins through his property.

“My son was here, he said we probably should’ve gone to the basement, but I didn’t hear anything,” Graves recounted.

Up the road, the National Weather Service assessed the damage. For hours, they worked, looking for signs of debris and tree damage to determine whether it was straight line wind or tornado damage.

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"The damage really starts on the other side of all this,” said Kevin Lynott, a National Weather Service Meteorologist. “This is the force of wind and it’s amazing, because look at the roots on that thing.”

Ben Miller was one member of a small NWS crew looking at damage Thursday. He explained what to the naked eye gave him signs of a tornado.

“It’s a very concentrated area of damage with not much damage on each side of the path,” Miller said. “If you go this way, there’s not a whole lot. If you go down the road this way, you can see there’s a lot of damage and debris, and you go on the other side of the utility trucks, and there’s not much debris and that’s kind of one of the tell tale signs.”

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