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Racine woman chosen to volunteer at the Super Bowl

Posted at 10:21 PM, Jan 23, 2018

A Racine football fan will get the chance of a lifetime as she prepares to head to the Super Bowl, but not as a ticket holder.  

Linda Jahns is spending 10 days volunteering.

"I'm excited to get on that plane tomorrow and just go," Jahns said. 

The 69-year-old is off to the Super Bowl for her first time.

"I was on the internet back in March, almost a year ago and I was googling tickets for my son and I to go to a football game and it said volunteers needed for Super Bowl," Jahns said.

Twenty-thousand volunteers apply and 10,000 are chosen. Jahns is one of 250 coming from Wisconsin.  She got bumped up to volunteer supervisor. 

"I will be checking in all the volunteers, getting them off where they need to go," Jahns said. 

Every month since July, she spent a week in Minneapolis training.  It cost her hundreds of dollars, but it seems to be paying off.  Super Bowl Sunday Jahns will be one of the volunteers stationed inside the stadium. 

"Crazy... Look at all the celebrities that are going to be there I hope I snug a little with one of two of them," Jahns said.

Jahns is still pumped for the game even though neither of her teams made the cut.

"You've got to have an NFC team and an AFC team, Packers and Broncos," Jahns said.

Jahns packed new boots and plenty of hand warmers.  Now, she's ready to soak it all in.

"This is a once in a lifetime experience and there's a lot of people that can't say they can do this," Jahns said.