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Did Gov. Tony Evers deliver on his campaign promises with first budget?

Posted at 6:14 PM, Jul 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-11 11:10:32-04

Now that Gov. Tony Evers has signed his first budget, PolitiFact Wisconsin went back to look at Evers' campaign promises to see how they matched up to what he accomplished.

"While campaigning, Governor Tony Evers promised to restore two-thirds funding for state public schools," said Eric Litke of PolitiFact Wisconsin.

It's been 15 years since the state has lived up to paying two-thirds of the cost for K-12 public schools. It looks like Governor Evers came close to reaching that goal.

"Evers' budget included two-thirds numbers, but the budget that was passed by Republicans and ultimately signed by Evers did not," said Litke. "Under that budget, it's going to stay right around 65.4% in each of the next two years."

PolitiFact Wisconsin rated this campaign promise Stalled on the Evers-O-Meter.

"Tony Evers promised on the campaign trail to cut middle class income taxes by 10%," said Litke.

That would have meant an extra $216 a year for individuals making under $100,000 and families under $150,000.

"The budget passed by Republicans — and signed by Evers — came in closer to half that amount. The per year cut was about $100," said Litke.

Politifact Wisconsin rated this campaign promise Compromise on the Evers-O-Meter.