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Mothers of teens saved by police from fiery crash: 'They saved my baby's life'

Posted at 9:51 PM, Jan 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-12 23:18:21-05

The mothers of teens saved by police in fiery crash shared a heartfelt thank you to police Friday.

While the video of Milwaukee Police Officers saving teens from a fiery crash got national attention, the young men's mothers couldn't stomach watching it. 

"They had to sew up his mouth from the inside all the way to the outside. He has a broken nose... and he had to get three titanium plates," said Rosalind Roberts.

The teens underwent multiple surgeries. They are now counting down the months and weeks until they can play basketball again.  

The boys were coming from the courts at the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center when they crashed near 54th Street and Villard Avenue.

"I am so thankful to the officers who saved him.  Who was there at the right place at the right time," said Brandy Sumler-White.

"They saved my baby's life," said Toni Eskridge.

When the rescue video went viral, the moms said strangers had cruel things to say as they assumed their kids were up to no good.

"You can't stereotype every kid just because what's on the news. You just can't. Not every black teenager that's a teenager is in a stolen car," Roberts said.

Police said the kids had no records and they weren't in a stolen car. The driver, cited for reckless driving, had his license. The moms don't blame him.

"I looked at her son in the face and I told him I'm not mad at you. Everything in life happens for a reason and this is going to be a lesson learned for them to not speed anymore...That baby is in pain just like everybody else," Roberts said.

"I think besides the physical stuff, he went through it mentally.  He feels terrible that he hurt his friends," Eskridge said.

If it weren't for the officers, these moms know the night could have ended differently.

"I'm happy that the police were in the right place at the right time cause I know that God placed them there," Roberts said.

The ladies have plans to meet the officers who saved their sons. The officers were honored by the mayor last month.

To help one of the teens get a mask to play basketball, the family has set up a GoFundMe page