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Medical Examiner's report unveils new information in the deadly Kinnickinnic River crash

Posted at 6:10 PM, Jan 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-03 19:34:00-05

The night a pregnant Shannan Nehmer was pulled from the Kinnickinnic River first responders spent about 30 minutes trying to save her.

That new information came from the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner report released Thursday.

On New Year's Eve, Milwaukee Police chased 19-year-old Nehmer and her boyfriend 29-year-old Charles Barefield. Investigators said the two were suspects in an armed robbery and an attempted armed robbery on the city's south side.

Charles Barefield

The SUV carrying the couple and Nehmer's 2-year-old daughter Annamelia eventually crashed into the river.

With the help of a translator, Carlos, one of the victims of the attempted robbery, recalled the encounter.

"The woman grabbed his wife threw her down and was kicking her in the face," said the interpreter.

Thursday we spoke with a neighbor who helped Carlos and his wife.

Police said a citizen intervened to scare the robbers off.

Shannan Nehmer and her 2-year-old daughter Annamelia

"If somebody didn't come out to rescue at that moment it could've been worse. So I thank the Lord that somebody did," said the victims' neighbor.

She was too scared to show her face, but said she has known the couple for five years. She learned about the attempted robbery when someone knocked on her door to help interpret for the victims after the attack.

"She was very very bruised. She was so scared, and I was devastated as well," said the neighbor.

Authorities have not yet identified the man they say worked with Nehmer and Barefield to commit the robberies.