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Local residents embrace the weekend snowfall

Posted at 8:34 PM, Jan 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-18 21:34:15-05

Local residents across Southeastern Wisconsin started their weekend with snow in the picture, after many woke up surprised by the accumulation on Saturday.

A drive through Milwaukee found several residents clearing driveways and others that were digging out their vehicles.

For Sylvester Wilson, the first big snowfall of the year meant an opportunity for him to make money.

“Thank you God,” Wilson said. “Because that’s gold.”

Wilson relies on the snow as a way to earn a living. The mild winter that we've experienced thus far has meant little opportunities for business.

“We hadn’t seen it all year and all of a sudden, here it is now,” Wilson said.

Saturday’s job for Wilson included cleaning up the snow at Community Tires, another business seeing a business surge after Saturday’s weather.

“It’s very important because we have so many people with bad tires slipping and sliding,” said manager Vincent Phillips.

Others decided to use the snow day to get out and play. Surfers, sledders and snowmen were spotted throughout Milwaukee on Saturday.

"It's just so beautiful where we choose to live so we make the most of it," said Carolyn Lee.

The City of Milwaukee is planning to cancel the snow emergency early Sunday. For the latest weather forecast, click here.

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