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High school sweethearts marry 50 years after graduation

Posted at 10:52 PM, Feb 14, 2018

This is a love story for the ages.  Barb and Cliff Hohlstein were high school sweethearts, but they didn't get married until more than 50 years after graduation.  

"She was sitting over by the window and I could stare out through the window and she was in the way," said Cliff.

Cliff must have liked the view.  The two dated throughout high school and even awhile after.

"I even kissed her," said Cliff.

"Now you're not supposed to say that," said Barb.

The two never really broke up.

"Then he was drafted into the army so our lives just went in separate directions at that point," said Barb.

Barb went to college and taught high school English in Menomonee Falls.  Marriage was far from her mind.  Cliff married after the army and had two daughters. His wife died in 1989.

Cliff went to almost every high school reunion, but Barb was always traveling until the 50th rolled around. 

"She came to a high school reunion in '98 and that was her fatal step," said Cliff.

"He was talking with a friend of mine who was standing right next to me and he hadn't addressed me or said hello and I thought what's wrong with you," said Barb.

Cliff didn't recognize his high school girlfriend.

"He thought that I would still have brown hair," Barb said.

A littletime went by and Cliff made a move.

"I came and sat on her front steps," said Cliff.  

"Our neighbors were concerned cause a man was sitting on our front steps and they didn't know who he was so they went to check him out," said Barb.

The two dated and months later tied the knot.  The 88-year-olds said it's never too late.

"If you find your love don't let her get away," said Cliff.  

"That's true," said Barb.

The couple celebrated Valentine's Day by playing Wii Bowling and going for dinner at Harwood Place Retirement Community. 

The Hohlstein's will celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary at the end of February.