Local organization going door-to-door delivering children's books for free

Posted at 7:31 AM, May 01, 2020

MILWAUKEE — A Wisconsin-based organization is on a mission to put a children's book in as many hands and a snack in as many bellies as possible during the coronavirus pandemic.

Future Forward, a nonprofit early childhood literacy program, is traveling door-to-door donating free books, school supplies, worksheets, and snacks to children all across the Greater Milwaukee Area.

"To now have to work from home and do home schooling and sometimes it becomes very overwhelming, Tina Hatchett, the senior family engagement manager for Future Forward, said.

Madison-based organization wants this to be as much of a resource for students as it is for parents. They understand that the coronavirus is taking a toll on everyone at home.

What's more, delivering these school supplies, worksheets, and books is a way to bridge the digital divide. Not everyone has the same access to technological resources for e-learning, so this allows students who lack certain resources to make more out of their educational experience. The organization estimates that nearly half of the students it works with in the area do not have reliable access to WiFi and other digital tools necessary for online learning. That makes this endeavor that much more important.

"So we wanted to be able to go back to the old school, the old days of just using the paper and pencil again," Hatchett said.

Future Forward assists about 100 families in the Greater Milwaukee Area. New supplies and books are dropped off about once a week to each family.

To learn more about their mission, you can go to Future Forward's website.

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