Alternative care facility in final stages of construction

Posted at 10:23 PM, Apr 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-16 23:23:23-04

Construction of the alternative care facility at State Fair Park is in its final stages.

Randall Hogan, also known on-stage as Xeno, said times are hard. The local musician relies on gigs for his source of income, and he usually is busy in the spring and summer months, performing nearly 200 concerts a year. Due to COVID-19, Randall's income has stopped.

"Right now, it's like being a lumberjack in the Sahara Desert, it's a lot of nothing," said Randall.

Recently he was offered an opportunity to work with Local 770 Sign, Display, and Trade Show Workers to help build up the alternative care facility at State Fair Park.

"I'm spending all my cash reserves, so it's nice to have something coming in," said Randall.

Dean Wanty, a business representative for Local 770, said the project was a massive undertaking that required long hours.

"I've been in trade for almost 40 years, and this is a once in a lifetime thing you never think you would see something like this, but the call came, and we answered the call," said Wanty.

Wanty said construction on the facility is set to wrap up by the end of Thursday night.

"It's scheduled to hopefully be wrapped up by 11 o clock tonight is the target for that... it's amazing I don't know how else to say it," said Wanty.

Both men have never participated in anything like building a fully operational hospital.

"It definitely took 100 percent effort to get this done, no doubt about that," said Wanty.

Randall said he was thankful for the opportunity for work because many musicians are struggling right now.

"Everyone took it seriously, and we worked really hard to get it done," said Randall.

Both men say they hope ultimately, in the end, health care providers don't need to use it.

"I hope we don't need it to be honest with you, but if we do, it's there; it's for the community safety and hopefully to save lives," said Wanty.

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