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Subzero temperatures leave Racine homeless shelter overcrowded, in desperate need of supplies

Posted at 9:58 PM, Jan 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-26 23:21:51-05

RACINE -- The subzero temperatures have left a homeless shelter in Racine overcrowded and in need of supplies.

Gai Lorenzen, is the Executive Director of Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization. ( HALO Inc.) She said, the shelter is already at capacity and with more snow and colder temps on the way, they expect to see an increase in residents.

Saturday night, mats were placed on the floor of the cafeteria, to accommodate the extra guests.

"We just really want to make sure that they get inside. Especially in this type of weather, we have scaled back on our eligibility criteria," said Lorenzen.

Right now the facility has 120 men, women and children seeking shelter. The increase in residents has left Halo Inc. going through supplies quickly.

"We are having to make more lunches because people are not going out of the building. They are staying in more," said Lorenzen.

The organization serves three meals a day and they are low on lunch meat, mayonnaise, bread and juice. They are also in need of items to keep residents warm, like hand warmers. Gai said residents expressed how the cold was too much to bear.

"He was rubbing his hands and said I’m very cold. I said don’t you have gloves? He said he did but he was still cold," said Lorenzen.

Despite running at full capacity and low on space, Gai said they refuse to turn anyone away.

"Keep a lookout for people and if you think they need shelter please try to get them to shelter. We will try to make some space somewhere," said Lorenzen.

Items needed are:

•Lunch meat


•Sliced cheese

•Milk and juice



•Hand warmers

To learn more about Halo Inc. click here.