Washington Purgolders 'hungry' for more after third straight City Conference title

Posted at 10:39 PM, Feb 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-01 07:47:52-05

Another year, another City Conference championship for the Washington Purgolders.

Kings of the city for the third consecutive year, Friday, the Purgolders start their journey to Madison.

"The whole season. Everything, every time we went to the locker-room it was three-peat," said Micheal Foster, sophomore Purgolder.

Most coaches try to keep players in the dark about making history, but not Coach Freddie Riley.

"It was just a little reminder. Like, hey guys, if this is what you want don't lose sight of it," said Riley.

It worked. With a 34-2 record in conference play over the past three years, these players give credit to the man upstairs, their coach, and each other.

"It's like a gift from god."

"Best coach, best coach in history," said Remon Blakely, senior Purgolder.

"We work hard, when we mess up coach stays on us and make sure we are doing the right thing. Then all the players make sure the players doing right."

With conference out of the way the Purgolder’s eyes are on another prize.

"Very hungry, we going to get it this year," said Johntae Martin.

As you can imagine, Riley is O.K. with that confidence.

"It's about time. The city is thirsty and hungry. We want to bring it back for them. We want to do something special for the city this year,” said Riley.

The Purgolders know there are doubters, even those waiting to see them fail.

"There's a lot of doubt and we like that. That's another chip on our shoulder. That drives us, to play hard and go harder in practice. So we got to show the cities," said Foster.

In order to do that they won't let anyone catch them off guard.

"We don't look passed nobody, we know when we play our best basketball we can beat anybody. But we know when we not playing our best ball. We can beat too. So with that being said we can't look passed anybody," said Riley.