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Referees and parents react to Mike McCarthy's criticism

Posted at 9:30 PM, Feb 28, 2019

Referees and parents are reacting to former Packers head coach Mike McCarthy lashing out at his son's basketball referees.

At Thursday's St. Mary's and Salam School basketball game in Hales Corners, referee Jack Fleming says parents get into arguments with referees more often than in the past.

"It's happening more now than it did when I started refereeing years ago," said Fleming.

And the age of the players doesn't seem to matter.

"It does happen at the youth and high school level more often than you'd like to see it happen," said Fleming.

Parents say they see others get a little too involved on occasion.

"We try to hold our composure and kind of bite the bullet for the most part," said Charity Bektesi.

Kevin Griffin says he sees it happen at games and says parents need to be a better example for the kids.

"It's important for you to understand this is for the kids and this is about them growing and them being responsible individuals as they get older," he said.

Referee Fleming says when he heard about the incident involving McCarthy he hoped someone with that much experience would know better.

"You would think somebody that was doing this for his livelihood and deals with officials on a weekly basis for as long as he has would understand there are situations where calls are missed or calls go against the team that they don't like, but they have to live it. It's part of the game," he said.

Mike McCarthy apologized for being critical of the referee.