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Report: Packers eyeing wide receiver Dez Bryant

Is Bryant Jordy Nelson's replacement?
Report: Packers eyeing wide receiver Dez Bryant
Posted at 3:27 PM, Apr 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-15 21:17:28-04

The NFL buzz is all about which team will scoop up a recently available, record-setting wide receiver.

The Packers are a part of that buzz and may have interest in an ex-Cowboy player, who is known to be quite the diva.

Packers fans were surprised when the team released wide receiver Jordy Nelson

They announced his release in exchange for signing tight end Jimmy Graham.

The team may have an idea for Nelson's replacement.

Rumors are circulating of the team having interest in ex-Cowboy Dez Bryant.

The Dallas Cowboys made a shocking decision to release Bryant, who is the NFL's all-time leader in touchdown receptions.

ESPN's Adam Schefter posted on Twitter of possible teams that might be scouting Bryant. One of those teams is the Packers.

But could Bryant replace Nelson?

Nelson played 136 games with the Packers, had 550 receptions, scored 69 touchdowns, and ran 7,848 yards.

Bryant played 113 games with the Cowboys, had 531 receptions, scored 73 touchdowns, and ran 7,459 yards.

The two might be neck-in-neck in terms of their stats, but what about the team dynamic? 

A couple years ago, Bryant was named as one of the top 10 biggest divas in the NFL. The wide receiver is known for causing drama on and off the field, though he may "hate the word diva."

But, the Packers do need another wide receiver who is up to par with the team's history of record-setting receivers. Especially since receiver Jeff Janis is also no longer on the roster.

So far, the team's attempt to replace Nelson has been unsuccessful. Every wide receiver they were considering signed with another team; Allen Robinson signed with the Chicago Bears, Sammy Watkins signed with the Kansas City Chiefs, and Jordan Matthews signed with the New England Patriots.

If Bryant joined the Packers, the team could be extremely successful. However, Bryant did mention interest in playing the Cowboys, perhaps to get his revenge. The only teams that for sure play the Cowboys are in the NFC East.

Regardless, the Packers may not be able to pass up the opportunity.