Preseason jolts Packers fans back into football mode

The Thursday night preseason game brought out a lot of Packers faithful. For some the game is just one of the preseason, for others the game was their first time to Lambeau Field.

From the beat of the drums to the cheers of fans, some families are getting their initiation to a Packers game.

"This is my first one," said Josh Tranel, 10.

One family made the journey from Minnesota to bring their teens to a game.

"When she was born someone gave her a Vikings cheerleader outfit and we gave it back to them. There was no way they were going to be a Vikings fan," said Bob Reuss, talking about her teenaged daughter.

But their daughter heading to college, mom made the call on the tickets.

"We got to do it now and let's go to a preseason game, we can afford that," said Renee Reuss.

Meanwhile, another loyal green and gold fan Marlin Huppert has not missed a tailgate at Lambeau for decades.

"I've had tickets since 1964," Huppert said.

He invited family and pretty much anyone willing to bring food.

"That guy over there mows my lawn," Huppert said.

Huppert has a simple rule, no throwing footballs around his tent and you have to chant for every first down.

"First and ten, do it again, go Pack go," Huppert said.

The Packers also opened a new permanent tailgating building this year, the Johnsonville Tailgate Village. Fans say they appreciate the indoor bathrooms and since it is separate from the field you don't need a ticket check it out.

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