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Trying to find Brewers fans that skipped work to watch a midday playoff game

Posted at 4:22 PM, Oct 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-11 17:22:39-04

MILWAUKEE — Brewers fans had a tough task on Monday: find a way to watch a playoff baseball game that started at noon.

It wasn't easy, but some fans were lucky enough to coincidentally have the day off or were retired.

“You got to support the team, you know. I’m retired so I thought I’d come have some beers with my friends and watch the game," Ken Perkl said.

Kelly's Bleachers in Milwaukee is generally a prime spot to watch a game. But on Monday, it wasn't the normal rowdy crowd you'd expect for a playoff game. It was quieter. After all, many people were at work or had other obligations. This wasn't a prime time game. In fact, all of the Brewers games against the Atlanta Braves aren't prime time.

I was able to talk to those who were retired or had the day off. I asked just about everyone inside Kelly's Bleachers for an interview. Most people said no. I imagine one of those people might have taken an unexpected sick day. No way to verify it, but it's possible.

It raises the question, what will these die hard fans do for games four and maybe five, both of which are midday games during the week.
“I’m going to have to suck up to my bosses like crazy. It doesn’t guarantee anything, but just so I can be in the stadium," said John Huebner, who had the day off. He was also at game 2 at American Family Field.

For others, it's a matter of keeping their attendance streak alive. Erin Stanpfl went to games one and two. She watched game three at Kelly's Bleachers and wants to watch more.

“Well if they’re home, absolutely, because we have tickets. Otherwise, I don’t know, maybe.”

The Brewers ended up losing to the Braves, which puts them behind in the series 2-1. The next game is Tuesday at 4:07 p.m. If the Brewers win, the series comes back to Milwaukee on Thursday. If they lose, the Brewers season is over. That makes fan engagement and participation even more important.

So to all those bosses out there that get sudden PTO requests or their employees suspiciously become sick the day of a Brewers game, I say let it slide. Better yet, join them and have some fun. It’s Brewers playoff baseball after all.

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