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What You Should Do If You Find A Kitten

Learn C.A.S.A. For This Spring
Posted at 1:12 PM, Mar 14, 2023

Kendall Sypult from the Humane Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) joins us today to explain the next steps after finding a stray kitten. HAWS promotes the acronym C.A.S.A., meaning Condition, Age, Situation and Ability. This will help viewers assess a kitten they may have found in order to determine what to do next. Kendall shares that one cat can have three litters in a calendar year, meaning one cat could easily be responsible for THIRTY-TWO cats! The C.A.S.A. initiative is a part of HAWS' Project Guardian, which was designed to combat cat overpopulation. For more information, visit online at HAWS Project Guardian.