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National Brush Day

Crest & Oral-B
Posted at 10:11 AM, Nov 07, 2022

Today in America, kids don’t have access to the basic oral care they need for a healthy smile, causing a smile gap. Crest & Oral-B believe every child has the right to a healthy smile and the opportunities it brings. Poor oral health is a real systemic issue for kids which can have a life-altering impact on their tomorrow. As part of their continued efforts to raise awareness of oral health inequities in the U.S., Crest and Oral-B will be releasing a new evocative creative campaign on Tuesday, November 1st – National Brush Day – that brings forward the harsh reality kids without access to oral health education, resources, products and services have to endure.

Crest and Oral-B’s new campaign zooms in on children utilizing their finger and water to brush their teeth, calling out that this is not how kids should have to brush their teeth, but for millions of kids in America today, this was their only option. This new creative highlights that kids are forced to use alternate methods, or simply go without brushing their teeth. The brands will continue to bring this issue to the forefront in hopes to empower Americans to join them in taking action to close the smile gap. That’s why this November, for each product purchased, Crest and Oral-B will donate to a child in need

Owner at Smile Design Dental Studio in Midtown Manhattan, Dr. Franklyn Aguebor joins us to talk about the issue and efforts of Crest and Oral-B. For more information, please visit