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How to Save Money When Building a House

Helpful Advice from The Equitable Bank
Posted: 10:08 AM, Jan 23, 2020
Updated: 2020-01-23 11:08:02-05

Building a new home is a big investment, and, as you go through the process, costs will start to add up quickly. Building your dream home can be done in or under budget. Joining us with some tips on saving money in the process is Rachel Schwab from The Equitable Bank.

Work with The Equitable Bank’s construction lenders to find out what you can afford before you even meet with your builder’s sales rep. Equitable will underwrite your loan so you know exactly what your budget is. The Equitable Bank offers a Single-Closing Construction Loan that saves you money and time with one closing, one loan and one set of closing costs – plus a great rate! To contact The Equitable Bank, call (414) 777-4411 or visit