Wisconsin program offers up to $3,000 per household in rental assistance

Posted at 5:48 AM, Jun 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-11 06:49:31-04

MILWAUKEE -- — Stacey Suiter is a single mom in Rock County. She says she's hanging on by a thread.

"I got a repossession order on my car yesterday so it's just really a struggle," Suiter told TMJ4 News during a phone interview.

Suiter lost her job and because of health issues like COPD and chronic asthma, she can't get back to work during the pandemic.

"So I've now gone eight weeks without any income. I've tried calling unemployment every day for the last six weeks probably over 100 times a day," she said.

Suiter's rent costs $900 a month. She hasn't been able to pay in May or June and every day, she worries about being evicted.

"I have three kids. My landlord doesn't wait that long for his payment you know," she continued.

For those in a tough financial spot because of COVID-19, there are resources you might qualify for -- one of them being the Wisconsin Rental Assistance Program.

Milwaukee Alderman, Khalif Rainey, wants his constituents and anyone struggling to know about the program, spearheaded by the state.

"If you are an individual who is in need of assistance for a security deposit, or for a rental property or for housing in general, I highly encourage you to look into this opportunity," Rainey told TMJ4 News.
Funding for the program comes from the federal CARES Act. To qualify, your household income has to be at or below 80% county median income. That means for a family of four in Milwaukee county, that's less than $65,850.

If you are eligible, you can receive up to $3,000 to help with your owed rent or a security deposit for a new place.

"Here in Wisconsin, we were the case study for a bestseller by the name of 'Eviction.' It highlighted the crisis that is taking place here in the city of Milwaukee and America in general, so this was an issue prior to COVID-19," Rainey said.

"We're looking to the state and we're hoping that the Governor has assembled a team that will be able to do this efficiently and effectively and make sure that people are not vulnerable to eviction or actually being homeless," he continued.

There is no deadline to apply for the program, but it is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and once funding is exhausted, the program will end.

Click here to read more about eligibility guidelines.

Currently, there is no online application for the program. But, there are different phone numbers people can call for each county.
Click here for that contact information to learn how to apply.

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