Resources for Milwaukee residents looking to repair their home during the pandemic

Posted at 6:27 AM, May 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-07 07:27:50-04

Now that most people are at home, repairs are becoming more prevalent. If you need to perform repairs on your home, it could be harder due to the pandemic.

The Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service, a TMJ4 News Community Partner, has compiled a list of 14 resources residents can use to do much needed repairs for their home.

The following list of resources compiled by NNS includes several resources for the community:

Revitalize Milwaukee

Revitalize Milwaukee provides free emergency home repairs in Milwaukee, and it is still open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Services offered include restoring hot water, plumbing repairs, installing safety precautions such as handrails, secure storm doors and more.
Homeowners can apply here. For more information, call (414) 312-7531.

City of Milwaukee’s Neighborhood Improvement Project

The Neighborhood Improvement Project assists eligible owner-occupants in repairing their homes. Repairs are based upon health and safety concerns and municipal building code violations.

To comply with social distancing regulations, inspectors are currently not going into the home unless it is an emergency situation.
Repairs include general maintenance of windows and gutters, painting the exterior of the home, masonry and checks for lead paint hazards. No interior work will be done unless it is an emergency situation.
Call (414) 286-2163 for more information or to be referred to an agency in your area.

Neighborhood Improvement Development Corporation

Affiliated with the City of Milwaukee’s Department of City Development, the corporation works with community-based agencies, local foundations and residents to improve neighborhoods.

The Targeted Investment Neighborhood initiative focuses on six to 12 blocks of specific areas of the city for three years. See which neighborhoods have been mapped as Target Investment Neighborhoods here.

Great Midwest Bank Home Improvement Loan

If you own a home in the Silver City, Burnham Park or Layton Park neighborhoods, you may qualify for the Great Midwest Bank Home Improvement Loan. This program provides loans for interior and exterior home improvements.
For more information contact Cinthia Hernandez, the Layton Boulevard West Neighbors Housing Outreach Manager, at

Compliance Loan Program

The Compliance Loan Program assists homeowners in fixing code violations on their property by providing 0% interest, deferred payment loans.
Call (414) 286-2567 or check the website for more information.

Lead Paint Hazard Reduction Program

The Lead Paint Hazard Reduction Program is run through the Home Environmental Health Division of the City of Milwaukee Health Department as one of four programs aiming to keep households safe for families. To learn more about the program, call (414) 286-3521.

Milwaukee County Energy Assistance Program

The Milwaukee County Energy Assistance Program continues to help connect people with energy assistance benefits over the phone. This one-time annual payment helps qualified residents make heating and electric bills more affordable.

The Milwaukee County Energy Assistance Program’s May 15 season end date has been extended to September 30.

To learn about the these programs and more, visit the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service here.

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