MKE Food Truck Festival welcomes people back to Summerfest grounds

"You can kind of eat a little bit of the world while you are here."
Posted at 6:57 PM, Jul 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-24 20:07:39-04
MKE Food Truck Festival
Crowds at MKE Food Truck Festival

The crowds are back at the Summerfest grounds, but this time for a different type of festival. The first ever food truck festival.

MKE Food Truck Fest is a partnership between Milwaukee World Festival Inc. and OnMilwaukee.

Organizers such as OnMilwaukee Senior Food Writer Lauri Fredrich say it's an opportunity to get back together.

"Our intention was really to do a gathering this summer as soon as we could," Fredrich said.

The festival had 14 diverse food trucks and three other vendors, but so many more wanted to join.

"It's great demand from food trucks in terms of we got as many as we needed for the event and there were 12 more that wanted to participate," Fredrich said.

Without even leaving Milwaukee, people stood in line for Middle Eastern food and Filipino food among many others to get a taste of the world.

"Giving people something different ad unique to try is awesome," said Matthew Alfaro, co-owner of Tatya's Truck.

 MKE Food Truck Festival
Crowds at MKE Food Truck Festival

Alfaro beamed with excitement as he served up authentic food to a long line of customers.

"Seeing all people together food trucks and everything reminds me of summer 2019 which is so much fun to see," Alfaro said. "It's awesome to see how this has come full circle and everybody's coming back out to enjoy."

Milwaukee resident Jake Burkle said he couldn't miss out on all the vendors present.

"Milwaukee gets a lot of heat for being segregated but you come out here and you don't see that." Burkle said. "It's very diverse, there's many countries represented."

MKE Food Truck Festival
Authentic Filipino food from Tatay's Truck

The sold out event gave people an opportunity to feed off each others energy. While finding a new cuisine in the city and helping a local small business rebound.

Organizers hope to bring this event back and possibly expand it to allow for more food trucks to join.

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