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'We've got to make it work': Betty's Burger & Custard tries to stay afloat amid ongoing pandemic

Posted at 12:17 PM, May 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-19 13:17:11-04

Betty's Burger & Custard on Brady Street is a new restaurant that is still struggling to make it.

They opened up last July and James Roufus owns it.

"Well, the dream was for me and my brother to bring our now deceased grandmother back to Brady Street where she lived for 70 years of life," James says. "We just wanted to open a place that was a real Milwaukee-style restaurant with burgers and custard."

Sales are down 50 percent and it's just been hard for them to keep up with their bills since they've gotten no grant money from the government to date.

"Yeah, it's tight," James says. "I am selling my house and it's obviously taken a great toll on my family too. We're trying everything, we've got two years left here, so we've got to make it work."

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