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Cremation business pleads with package thief to return ashes

KSNV Post Office Ashes
Posted at 11:13 AM, Dec 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-15 12:13:52-05

Las Vegas, NV (KSNV) -- A local cremation business is pleading with a package thief to return stolen ashes.

The crook who stolen them, probably thought the packages from the post office were Christmas gifts.

In fact, they contain the final remains of three human beings.

Las Vegas Cremation says their employee was all set to mail the ashes across the country but as she sat the bags down next to her car for just a moment as she prepared to enter the post office, the next things she knew, someone pulled up, snatched them, and took off.

"I think it was a classic holiday robbery. I think they saw bags and a female and thought it would be easy to steal," said General Manager of Las Vegas Cremations Philip Smith.

The managing funeral director, Brandy Hall says these packages are priceless.

"They are priceless. This is not a holiday gift. This is not a sweater from grandma. This is something that we cannot ensure enough. So we are pleading to the public and community to come together and join forces so we can get these remains back," Brandy told us.

Officials say if someone brings the ashes back, they can do so anonymously with no questions asked. Anyone with information is asked to pick up the phone and call LVMPD.