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Glendale woman guiding people on sound healing journeys

Posted at 6:46 PM, Mar 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-15 19:46:52-04

GLENDALE, Wisc. — A Glendale woman is harnessing the power of tonal vibrations to heal the soul.

Introducing Syinthesis Sound Healing Center. It's a meditative and restorative space where Lee Ann Dzelzkalns practices sound therapy to rejuvenate the spirit. It incorporates the 'yin' of the phrase yin and yang in the name.

“There are specific tones or resonant frequencies that align certain parts of our body," Dzelzkalns, the owner of Syinthsis Sound Healing Center said.

Certain tones can affect us in different ways. Think about a low booming tone or a high pitched ring and how that would make you feel. In between those two are soothing frequencies that Lee Ann plays to reduce stress and relieve anxiety. However, sometimes even those low booming noises can be therapeutic like when someone hits a gong.

In her studio, she has tons of different percussive and stringed instruments, chimes of all sizes and tones, Tibetan singing bowls, and gongs to name a few.

“Sound vibration is massaging us through the inside out," she said.

Along with the instruments, there are a variety of religious symbols and statues inside the healing center. Lee Ann is an ordained interfaith minister and incorporates Christian, Buddhist, Egyptian, Taoist, and more types of statuary, symbols, and artifacts. It's all about creating a spiritual positive space that allows people to relinquish their troubles to relax and relieve their anxieties.

Lee Ann has been doing this for the past 17 years and wants to help guide people towards spiritual wholeness.

“Learning to truly relax. To give into gravity. To let go. To let go. Think of the concept of that," she said.

I even got to experience some of the healing that she performs. I fully reclined in a chair and she commenced to place a weighted string instrument on my chest and play various notes. I could feel the vibrations in my chest and felt like I was able to let go for a few seconds.

But it’s hard to explain what she does. It’s better to experience it.

“This work the extent of it is very hard to language because it can be so deeply spiritual and soulful.”

Her introductory classes start at $40 for a ninety minute session. You can go to her website to see her schedule. A private one-on-one session starts at $180.

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