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Zocco trial: Detectives believe surveillance video is key evidence

Posted at 6:04 PM, Sep 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-27 19:39:26-04

Milwaukee police detectives were called to testify on a key piece of evidence in Kris Zocco’s trial. 

Surveillance video obtained from Zocco’s apartment complex shows him and Kelly Dwyer entering, but only Zocco is seen leaving later that morning. 

Police detective Danelo Cardenaz said they went through several days worth of surveillance footage which shows all of the entrances and exits of Zocco’s apartment building on Milwaukee’s East Side. The couple is seen walking into the main entrance in October 2013. They go through the lobby and then down a hallway to an elevator. 

Zocco is accused of strangling and suffocating Dwyer in his 18th-floor apartment unit that morning. Police believe Zocco removed her body in a golf travel bag and got supplies to sanitize his apartment. 

“I believed what he was carrying to be a 13-gallon trash bag, I couldn’t tell,” Cardenaz said. “It was white in color."

Zocco’s defense argues that police only thoroughly viewed surveillance video of the apartment building’s exit and entrance point. They believe Dwyer could have left another way. 

Zocco’s girlfriend at the time said she was shocked when she heard he was arrested days after Dwyer went missing. Meagan P. asked her friend John Van Rooy to change her locks. Van Rooy took the witness stand Thursday. He said when he arrived at Meagan P.’s apartment, Zocco was inside scouring for his items. Van Rooy said this was the same day Zocco had bonded out of jail. 

“He was looking for his laptop, I said Meagan let police in and they might have had it,” Van Rooy said. 

Van Rooy said Zocco expressed frustration by getting beat to the apartment by police. Van Rooy said he asked Zocco why he was considered a suspect. 

They think I carried this girl out of my apartment? She’s as big as me,” Van Rooy said Zocco told him.