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Kris Zocco's ex-girlfriend testifies against him in East Side murder trial

Posted at 5:01 PM, Sep 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-26 19:36:26-04

MILWAUKEE -- Kris Zocco’s ex-girlfriend was called to testify against him Wednesday as he stands trial for the murder of Kelly Dwyer.

Prosecutors believe Zocco was living a "double-life" that his ex-girlfriend didn’t know about until after he was arrested. 

Prosecutors said Chris Zocco had a girlfriend, who has been identified as Meagan P., while he was secretly seeing Dwyer on the side in 2013. In fact, Meagan P. said she stayed with him the night after Dwyer was allegedly murdered.  

“He had told me he was at home working that night so I didn’t plan to see him,” Meagan P. said. 

Meagan P. claims that was Zocco’s reasoning as to why he couldn’t see her on the night of Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013. Prosecutors believe that’s the night he met up with Dwyer to do drugs, drink and spend the night at his apartment. 

Zocco is accused of strangling and suffocating Dwyer to death during the early morning hours. Surveillance video shows the two entering his apartment building, but only Zocco leaving several hours later. 

Meagan P. claims she and Zocco had a date planned that Friday night, to which he showed up several hours late with no warning. 

“He had mentioned he was bringing sporting equipment up to his mother’s house,” she said. 

Meagan P. told the court that not only was she frustrated by his late appearance, she was taken aback by his odd behavior.  

“I remember while I was making dinner I remember him futzing with his phone,” she said. “I assumed he was changing his sim card.” 

She said Zocco claimed his phone wasn’t working and that he needed to purchase a new sim card the next day. A sim card is a microchip inside a cellphone which stores a variety of data including the user's location, number, contacts and text messages. 

Prosecutors accuse Zocco of hiding Dwyer’s body in a golf travel bag and dumping it in rural Jefferson County. 

“When I woke up to go to the gym, he sweat through the sheets that night to the point where I had to change the bed sheets,” Meagan P. said. 

Former Milwaukee police detective Vincent Fonte performed the initial search warrant at Zocco’s apartment. He said the place was spotless.  

“The bathroom had a strong odor of bleach as if it had been recently cleaned,” Fonte said. 

Fonte said he found bleach wipes inside Zocco's trash can but didn't list that item in his report because he was there to search for drugs. 

Dozens of additional witnesses are expected to be called to testify. The trial is expected to wrap up sometime late next week.