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X-Golf simulator business set to open in Brookfield

Posted at 7:05 AM, Sep 11, 2019

BROOKFIELD — Overcast, rainy and chilly. Not exactly the most ideal golf conditions. The owner of Wisconsin’s first X-Golf location in Brookfield figures that he would still have plenty of people. The new indoor golf facility is set to open on September 13 and always has perfect weather.

"It's never going to get rained out. It's never going to be, 'do we really want to play golf? It's going to sting our hands because it's 31 degrees.' That stuff doesn't exist here," said owner Shawn DeMain.

He and a childhood friend invested in the business model, converting an old warehouse into an indoor playground. “When we first walked in here, it used to be an old trucking company,” he said.

While simulator golf has been around for a while, DeMain says his "X-Golf" machines are super accurate. It’s why he was able to hire a full-time PGA Professional in Mike Miezin, who plans to give plenty of lessons in addition to setting golfers up with whatever experience they’re looking for,” he said.

“You can play a round of golf, or you can train. Or you can do an event,” Miezin demonstrated on the simulator touch screen.

Cameras allow him to analyze a student’s swing from multiple angles, and sensors track ball flight and speed. Or, maybe you just want to play a world famous golf course.

The avid golfer will surely view the establishment as a place to golf that also has a bar and restaurant. DeMain hopes others might see it the other way around, as a bar and restaurant that offers golf.

Simulator time runs between $35-$55 per hour depending on the time. Reservations open Friday, September 13th. For more information, click here.