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Woman's body found burned in garage at 15th & Burleigh

Posted at 11:54 AM, May 01, 2019

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Police are investigating a death after a woman's body was found burned in a garage near 15th and Burleigh.

Maurice Haynes spent the morning frantically canvassing the neighborhood, praying the body of the woman found burned overnight does not belong to his missing 16-year-old daughter.

“I’ve been riding around all night. I haven’t been to sleep,” Haynes said.

Haynes said his daughter, Mareesha Haynes, has been missing since Tuesday. He was out searching for her when he stumbled upon the scene at 15th and Burleigh. Police responded to the area for a report of a garage fire just before 5 a.m.

Inside the garage, police found the burned body of a woman.

"I'm not even going to say what if, I’m not even speaking that into existence. I’m a god-fearing man,” Haynes said.

Kimberly Rice lives just a few doors down from where the fire started. It pains her to know the details of what happened.

“I’ve been riding around all night. I haven’t been to sleep.” — Maurice Haynes, whose daughter is missing

“My heart is broken. I’ve been crying and everything. I’m just praying for her mama,” Rice said.

Police have not identified the victim but confirmed there is an active missing report on file for Mareesha Haynes.

Maurice Haynes said he’s offering $2,000 to anyone who has credible information that might lead to him finding his daughter.