Tickets still available for Packers playoff game

Posted at 10:02 PM, Jan 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-03 23:26:39-05

The Packers may be headed to the playoffs, but thousands of tickets are still up for grabs. The lack of sales has not stopped fans from being excited about the Wild Card game Sunday.

"They're going to win. I know they are going to win," said Kurtis Popp.

On Monday, 8,000 tickets had not been sold for Sunday's playoff game at Lambeau Field. There were a few thousand unsold by early Tuesday. Diehard fans have their reasons for not buying.

"Because of the weather, and I have a perfect seat in the living room of my house," said Jeff Lester.

"Rather spend my money on something else," said Alex Lester.

"They haven't done so great so I don't expect them to do as great in the playoffs because they haven't in the past," said Joseph Lopez.

Mike Holzberger, the owner of Connections Ticket Service at 115 W. Silver Spring in Milwaukee, said he has just as many people trying to get rid of their tickets as there are buyers. 

"It's not that people aren't buying it's just that there is a lot for sale," said Mike Holzberger.

Holzberger said that's because so many season ticket holders passed on buying playoff tickets in the fall. They went up for sale while the team was on a losing streak.

In 2014, there were so many extra tickets it almost lead to blackout of the playoff game on TV. NFL rules say the game has to be sold out to air in local markets. It took some area businesses buying up the tickets to get the game on air. But fans don't seem to be worried that will happen this year.

"They're going to buy them. I think there is probably going to be a last-minute rush," said Popp.

Packers tickets are still for sale by the team. You can go to this website to buy them.