The 'Horrible Hundred': The worst puppy mills and breeders in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has eight puppy mills statewide
Posted: 8:35 PM, May 22, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-23 13:26:43Z

The Humane Society of the United States has released the " Horrible Hundred " list of problem puppy mills and puppy sellers across the U.S.

Wisconsin is on the list behind Missouri, Ohio, Iowa and Pennsylvania at eight problem puppy mills across the state.

A puppy kennel in Augusta, Wisconsin is first on the list for reports of selling sick puppies who seem to have had parvovirus, a disease that can affect the intestines or the heart and can eventually lead to death according to PetMD.

This kennel has also had reports of selling puppies without a certificate of veterinary inspection. This inspection is required under state law. 

Inspections found that puppies in this kennel were on wire flooring, did not have sufficient lighting and were near an open gutter that was accumulating shavings and feces. 

A cocker spaniel mix was also found limping on its front leg. According to the report, the owner had noticed the limping days prior but never called the veterinarian. 

A Black River Falls seller who runs and is a repeat offender on this year's list.

The owner is on the list for reports of dogs "exposed to excrement falling from higher enclosures" and a strong odor of ammonia and feces. State inspectors issued three official warnings from 2016-2017, but they still found new violations in 2018. 

Inspectors found incomplete litter and vaccination records and in one case, a puppy whose legs had fallen through gaps in a stacked wire enclosure and was resting on its chin.

The owner has locations in Black River Falls and Vesper, Wisconsin.

Cases in Hillsboro, Wis. also made the 'Horrible Hundred.' 

One report at a kennel cites incomplete records, dogs with socialization and behavioral issues from lack of daily contact and dogs found shivering cold inside the kennel.

At another kennel, the inspection was cut early when a puppy needed immediate veterinary care; however, while inspectors were there they noticed "extreme and unacceptable accumulation of excrement" as well as strong odors and flies.

J.A.K Kennel in New Auburn is on the list for a mother dog and four-day-old puppies found in the cold, excessive feces, unsafe enclosures and poor sanitation. 

A kennel in Stetsonville was reported for a "critical" violation of a dog who was unable to bear weight on her front legs and went untreated for nearly a year. 

An unknown seller in Thorp, Wis. is on the list as well. Inspectors reported finding a two-week-old puppy who was "listless" and had a swollen head possibly filled with fluid.

Another puppy was found with scabs and hair loss around an area where a needle had been inserted to give fluids. This puppy also had one eye that was clouded over. Inspectors found another puppy at this location who had a puncture wound on its neck. Neither dog was treated by a veterinarian for their conditions. 

The Humane Society says the issue of mistreatment of puppies in these cases is due to prioritization of profit over animal welfare.

They also say that the USDA has not revoked licenses from breeders since the publication of the last "Horrible Hundred" in May 2017.