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Student says group of kids beat him and staff did nothing, RUSD responds

Posted at 6:25 PM, May 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-08 19:25:09-04

RACINE — A family has called for accountability and change after they say their sixth grader was beaten by a group of kids at Mitchell Middle School and staff did nothing.

While sitting with their attorney, Noah Gallagher and his parents said on May 1 a group of kids confronted Noah at school, asked what gang he was with then started beating him.

"One punched me and the other punched me," Noah said. "They threw me to the ground. They all started punching me kicking me."

Noah said he could not do anything but cover his head. Then he felt angry.

"Angry because these teachers are walking past me and I'm getting beat and they don't do nothing about it, and there's two teachers over there and it takes an eighth grader to help me," Noah said.

"That is heartbreaking for me," Jennifer Morales, Noah's mother, said.

Morales said her son suffered a broken rib and his internal organs were swollen. She said Racine police and the school district are investigating separately.

Noah's family said they felt the school district's response has been slow.

"As an adult you look to them for help," Morales said. "I'm seeking change. I'm seeking accountability. I am seeking that this never ever happens again."

Racine Unified School District issued the following statement in response to the claims:

"Several staff members including the school principal were outside on school grounds and near the buses during dismissal on May 1. No adults saw the alleged incident. We have taken statements from several students. However, the statements vary widely and contradict one another. So, it’s very difficult to ascertain what actually may have occurred. The statements made at the press conference today are not supported by the evidence we have gathered to this point."