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Snow returns to southeast Wisconsin for the first time since November

Posted at 9:32 PM, Dec 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-30 22:32:37-05

Snow in southeast Wisconsin forced drivers to take extra caution Monday night, after going weeks without a flake.

The northern parts of Washington County saw snowfall most of Monday. It's one of a few areas that is expected to see several inches by Tuesday. Drivers there were taking note of the road conditions.

"They're slippery," said Bill Jahn.

"They're not too bad, but you've got to stay safe and drive nice and easy," said Hannah Verhunce.

Southeast Wisconsin hasn't seen significant snowfall since November 11. Now winter is back, and people were expecting it.

"Now we're finally getting it," said Amanda Ries. "I knew it was going to come."

In Lomira, people headed to the hardward store to stock up on winter essentials.

"I wanted a bigger shovel so I could shovel my driveway," said store owner Dave Luedtke.

"We have shovels, we're just out of salt, so we needed to stock up for the year," Ries said.

While many dread the wintry conditions, some couldn't wait to get out and enjoy it. Kids in Lomira built snow forts and started sledding.