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Sheboygan battling another snowstorm

Posted at 1:31 PM, Feb 27, 2019

While some areas of Milwaukee and farther south did not see much snow, areas north were much harder hit with several inches.

Sheboygan registered 5.5 inches Wednesday morning. Crews worked hard to clear the streets in the morning. It's becoming all too familiar for those in the northern counties.

"I feel like twice a week this winter," Molly Kunst said. "You have to get up early and shovel. It's pretty daunting."

Kunst is one of many Sheboygan residents who had to wake up early Wednesday. Though she's from Sheboygan County, she's not a fan of winter.

"It's a great place," Kunst said. "(But), I'm not a winter person. I don't do winter sports. It can be over now."

Just down the street, the elated screams of children during recess beg to differ. Bundled up head to toe, the kids are delighted to have a mountain of snow to play on. Even some who are young at heart are excited.

"We didn't get enough earlier in the year," Barry Reynolds said. "Making up for it later in the year. I like it."

Reynolds has lived in Sheboygan for nearly 25 years. Every winter, he's happy to break out his snowblower.

"Doing my neighbor's house now," Reynolds said. "I got the snowblower. I'll do the whole block."

But even Reynolds knows to take it slow on days like this. Law enforcement lights could be seen everywhere on the freeway as many vehicles spun out because of icy conditions.

"Roads are pretty bad," Reynolds said. "They're still pretty slippery. Trucks are out salting and plowing, but it gets mixed up and turned into slush. It's pretty greasy out there."